Terra X : Secret Saudi Arabia      More

Director Oliver Halmburger

DoP:Tobias Corts

Production Design James Nilsen-Misra

ZDF / Loopfilm GmbH/Shootaway Productions

Terra X : Taboo Namibia's Diamond Restricted Area

Director Carsten Gutschmid | DoP: Fabian Spuck ZDF | Production Design James Nilsen-Misra

Namibia's diamond restricted area is among the few places in the world that hardly anyone is allowed to enter. 

What's behind the mystery, where everything revolves around the glittering stones. 

ZDF | Shootaway Productions Patrick Walton

Terra X : Forbidden Places : North Sentinel Island

Director Carsten Gutschmid | DoP: Fabian Spuck ZDF | Production Design James Nilsen-Misra

ZDF | Shootaway Productions Patrick Walton

Winner: Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund Next Nordic Generation Award 

Winner: Tampere Film Festival Student Award  

Kotimatka Homebound

Director: Marika Harjusaari DoP: Antti Ahokoivu Production Design: Heidi Jokinen Set Decoration: James Nilsen A bus is waiting to forcefully return refugees, from one of the largest refugee camps,  to their country of origin. Xidig, 8, is excited to go home, but his brother Saliim, 12, knows that a war- torn and dangerous place is no one´s home. Starring: Mahad Dasar, Amir Dasar, Melissa Haiden, Billings Siwila, Awesu Geedow, SU Mshike Saidi Ndayisshoimiye Producer: Paria Eskandari, Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg Line Producer: Akin Ãlákà Aalto University, Finnish Film Foundation, Yle, Making Movies

Full short film IMdb

Kniediep in die Warm Water

Directed by David Lister | DoP. Dirk Mostert | Production Design: James Nilsen-Misra

SABC, Sunshine Coast Studios: Colin Ward, Nicola Barber

Dr Who

Production Designer: Arwel Jones Set Decorator: Glyndwr Kaplen 

Set Dresser: James Nilsen-Misra

BBC | Out Of Africa

Kleiner Junge, großer Freund

Directed by Michael Karen | DoP: Peter Joachim Krause | Production Design: Tom Gubb Props Master: James Nilsen-Misra Starring : Tanja Wedhorn, Likho Mango and Stephan Luca. Photo: ZDF / Anika Molnár A little boy and a committed lawyer sweep like a whirlwind through the tidy life of an architect. ZDF, MOVIEPOOL Bernadette Schugg | Two Oceans Giselher Venske, Marco Le Roux


Production Design: Chris Richmond, Lead Set Decorator: Dominic Smithers, Set Decorator Assistant: Karel Flint 

Set Dressing Buyer: James Nilsen-Misra

National Geographic Channel, Asylum Entertainment, Film Arika, Melodysheep 

24 Hours To Live

Directed by Brian Smrz DOP: Ben Nott 

Production Design: Colin Gibson, Set Decorator: Fred Du Preez

Set Dresser: James Nilsen-Misra

Thunder Road Pictures, Fundamental Films, Film Afrika

A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits

Production Design: Karel Flint

Set Dresser: James Nilsen-Misra

Warner Brothers, Film Afrika