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Joburg Fringe, Disclosed Projection Series, Arist Proof Studios Collaboration, Joburg Art Week 2015 &Directions to the Joburg Fridge

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Disclosed Contemplation

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Joburg Fringe

Johannesburg Art Fair Fringe

The Joburg Fringe has run in sync with the Joburg Art Fair for the last 8 years since the first Joburg Art Fair. Unlike its Sandton big brother, this fair runs downtown in the Joburg CBD, at ArtsOnMain in the Maboneng Presinct. The fair gives art lovers the chance to see some edgy, possibly affordable, definitely discoverable emerging work; that might push boundaries and “challenge the main art fair” - Linda Givon.

WHEN: 11 – 13 September 10am – 8pm FREE ENTRY

OPENING RECEPTION: 11 September 10 am

CLOSING RECEPTION: 13 September 12-7pm (Salsa at The Roof)

WHERE: Arts on Main, 264 Fox Street, Maboneng Precinct, Joburg CBD. Directions from the Joburg Art Fair - Map below.

TWENTY Artists have been selected for this year's Joburg Fringe:

Serge Attukwei Clottey|Marion Boehm|Philippe Bousquet|

Nellien Brewer|Calvin Dondo|Suzanne Duncan|Craig Ferguson|

Kezia Gerber|Sue Jowell|Luke Kaplan|Jenny Marcus|

Brent Meistre|James Nilsen-Misra|Babette Noble|

Chiedza Nyebera Pfister| Anastasia Pather|Monique Pelser|

Francois Pretorius|Elgin Rust| Jeannette Unite|Lynette van Tonder.

In addition there are 11 group shows, amongst which you'll spot a Norman Catherine, Jeremy Wafer & Gregoire Boonzaier. Special features include Memory, Art and Imagination curated by Zanoxolo Sylvester Mqeku & the Fringe annual VIDEOart!programme with William Raban's 72-82.

NM Studio
NM Studio
Disclosing Projection (medium: projector & black paper)

Disclosed Projection Series

ON Show at the Fringe

Nilsen-Misra presents a video installation with drawings & editioned prints. The work forms part of the series, Disclosed Projection, exploring the intimate space of the home. The drawings include a central character underscoring the filmic nature of the work. These characters are non-specific, un-narrated and free to interpretation.

Objects from the artist’s personal life are staged in the studio and lit with a high contrast light, reducing forms to flat silhouettes. Dark shadows, created with black pastel on yet more black imbue a deep and eery atmosphere. As you look one sees more subtle forms emerge in the shadows. It looks to disclose the everyday passage of light through a space in time. The projection of this light becomes a perceptual study of the ephemeral nature of light and the content associated with shadow as personal projection.

Here these objects become physical shadows themselves giving access to a personal interior otherwise inaccessible. This work challenges us to focus on the light of the present, the uniqueness that shades of light imbue mundane objects all around and notions of the stage.


Artist Proof Studios

Collaboration with Artist Proof Studios Pro-Shop

In July & September I had the priviledge to work with Artist Proof Studios in Newtown on some new Lithograph prints. The workshop residency was inspiring and some of the new prints will be available on the fair. JNM


Joburg Art Week

ART WEEK JOBURG provides the platform to showcase as well as reinforce the existing strengths of the Joburg Art scene, modelled on ART WEEK Cape Town.

This year a number of special projects include a musical performance in Soweto presenting Hannah C. Jones a British artist, composer and conductor and the dynamic That’i Kover Okestra from Soweto, International sound artist Emeka Ogbohopens his exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery and the PAN!C Meetings bring together curators from around the African continent in conversation with curators from Switzerland. PUNGWE Night: a PAN!C Attack is an evening of musical entertainment that presents a contemporary remixing of traditional music.

For more information about Joburg Art Week, visit www.artweekjoburg.co.za

Disclosing Projection (medium: projector & black paper)

Directions to the Joburg Fringe

264 Fox Street, Maboneng Precinct, Joburg CBD

Copyright © 2015 Nilsen-Misra Studio, All rights reserved.

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