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Illustration projects 

The Fabulous Boomtown Boys
Art Director: Molly McWilliam-Smith
Illustration: James Nilsen-Misra
Splash Portrait - Acrylic on canvas

Société Generale 
Joseph Roncelli Producer Seasun Productions (Barcelona)/ First Productions
Art Director: Tracey Collis
Props Master: James Nilsen-Misra
Initial compositional design layout sketch - "the collector" - Pen & Ink

Final image - "the collector"

Nagelmackers "Blue Convertible"
Orange Films, Agency : Famous, Production: Lovo Films, Bert Brulez, Dop: Bjørn Charpentier, Edit: Hannes Andresen
Art Director: Jeremy Argue
Props Master: Zoe Brocklebank
Graphics & Props Assistant: James Nilsen-Misra
Posters of colour swatches - decor for a paint shop. Photoshop & Illustrator.
Albert Schweitzer (2009)
Two Oceans Productions
Production Design:Tom Hannam, Art Direction: Fred Du Preez. 
Illustration: James Nilsen-Misra
French bistro menu board.
Chalk on Board.

The Color of Freedom (2007) Goodbye Bafana (original title)
Film Afrika/X+Film, 
Production Designer Tom Hannam, Set Decoration Zaan De Villiers
Illustration: James Nilsen-Misra
Prisoner names on a blackboard for Robben Island prison set.
Chalk on board. 

produced by AFS, art directed by, directed by Brin Kushner, Art Director: Molly McWilliam Smith.
Illustration: James Nilsen-Misra
Chalk board menus/stall names for a country market: Cheese Stall, Wine Stall, Coffee Stall & Beef Stall.

Behind the scenes