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Various stills positions have included Stylist, Set Dresser, Art Department Standby, Props Master and props assistant. 

TD Ameritrade
AFS Productions
Stylist:James Nilsen-Misra
Photographer: Gavin Goodman

Nivea Middle East/Africa/International
North South Productions
Stills Set Dressing: James Nilsen-Misra
Stylist: Tania Hohenhoevel

Société Generale 
Joseph Roncelli Producer Joseph Roncelli New Moon Productions (Barcelona)/ First Productions (Cape Town)
Photographer: Aurélien Chauvaud, 
Art Director: Tracey Collis 
Sourcing, Set Dressing: James Nilsen-Misra

Next Directory 
France Productions
Art Director: Conor Ralphs
Fabrication Assistant: James Nilsen-Misra
Backdrop for fashion catalogue

The Nudist Trend
Superbalist Apartment
Stylist: Charl Edwards
Props Assistant: James Nilsen-Misra
Producer: Nicola van der Linde