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Various positions on features have included art director, props master, set dresser & buyer. 

Art Director & Set Decorator: James Nilsen-Misra
Produced by SABC, Sunshine Coast Studios, Colin Ward, Nicola Barbour, Megan Firth
Directed by: David Lister
DOP: Dirk Mostert

No Man's Land
Production Designer: Heidi Jokinen
Art Director: Robert Slinger
Set Decorator: James Nilsen-Misra
Directed by Marika Harjusaari
DOP: Antti Ahokoivu
Produced by Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg, Paria Eskandari, Ãkin Ãlákà with the Finnish Film Foundation and Shootaway Productions, Patrick Walton. 
Screenplay by: Ilona Ahti

Asylum seekers are being sent back to Somalia from the world's biggest refugee camp in Tanzania. Two Somali brothers get separated. The younger one is put into a bus crossing Al-Shabaab territory. The older one goes after him. - The Finnish Film Foundation

Terra X - Mapping The World
Art Director: Robert Slinger
Set Decorator: James Nilsen-Misra
Produced by ZDF, Spiegel TV & Shootaway Productions, Patrick Fuchs, Patrick Walton 
Director: Tilman Remme
DOP: Reiner Bauer


Dr Who
Production Designer: Arwel Jones
Set Decorator: Glyndwr Kaplen
Set Dresser: James Nilsen-Misra

Kleiner Junge, großer Freund
ZDF, MOVIEPOOL, Two Oceans, Bernadette Schugg, Giselher Venske, Marco Le Roux 
Directed by Michael Karen
Production Design: Tom Gubb
Props Master: James Nilsen-Misra
Graphic Design: Mary-Jane Oliver and James Nilsen-Misra

National Geographic Channel, Asylum Entertainment, Film Arika, Melodysheep
Production Design: Chris Richmond, Lead Set Decorator: Dominic Smithers, Set Decorator Assistant: Karel Flint
Set Dressing Buyer: James Nilsen-Misra

Thunder Road Pictures, Fundamental Films, Film Afrika
Directed by Brian Smrz
DOP: Ben Nott
Production Design: Colin Gibson, Set Decorator: Fred Du Preez, Lead Set Dresser: Karl Du Preez
Senior Set Dressing Buyer/Set Dresser: James Nilsen-Misra

Warner Brothers, Film Afrika
Production Design: Karel Flint
Set Dresser/Buyer: James Nilsen-Misra