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A Woodstock based props master, set dresser, buyer, stylist, junior art director & aspiring production designer committed to realizing the highest production values possible for all clients.

Having worked in the creative industry since graduating in production design, armed with a knowledge of visual culture and the revolving style periods and experience within an award winning creative company led to work in Cape Town, London, New York & Los Angeles. Insight behind the scenes from script to strike, inspiration to exhibition finds passion in the design of high and low points in the script.

As an entrepreneur, launching a creative studio, serves as creative home for the work. An enthusiastic collaborator passionate about production design for film, stills, fine drawings, graphics and costume. The studio is run as a creative company as James is equally passionate about numbers - having had financial oversight of two leading props houses and international production budgets, 
James is well versed at presenting excel spreadsheeting and is often asked to do critical financial work.

Strengths include pre-production planning from design concept, research, sourcing, buying, fabricating to a high competency in presentation, to jumping out the box to source, using his "eye" to visualise set elements in spaces and lighting states. A good communicator, often able to anticipate the visual world needed.